Helping to bridge the gap between studying at Key Stage 4, and studying at Key Stage 5


Monday, June 27th saw all our prospective new Year 12 students arriving ready and eager for a week of activities designed to allow them to taste life as a 16+ student.


The aim of the week was for the students to understand the high expectations and standards required to be a successful 16+ student, as well as being able to experience lessons delivered in the style of a 16+ learner. During private study time the students were advised on how best to complete their holiday work which included assignments in their chosen subjects, as well as a research project on their possible career path. They attended talks on the importance of undertaking volunteering and work experience in order to boost their CVs and their future Higher Education prospects. They also learnt about the expectation that they should become an independent learner, and that they should supplement their classroom learning through wider reading and research around their subjects.


During tutor time, the Year 12s were able to meet their tutors and also their Year 13 counterparts; activities were set up to encourage the two year groups to mix.


The 16+ team would like to take this opportunity to welcome all our Year 12 students and wish them success in their studies in the Academy.