SSA 4x4


The SSA 4X4 team took part in the national finals. After getting through the preliminaries and the regional finals being good enough to get through to the national finals is a significant achievement. This meant that out of the thousand or so teams in the UK we were in the last 24 teams that took part at Silverstone race circuit the home of the British grand Prix.


The day started early with the team setting up their pit display at about 8am, with the teams looking around at the competition the standard was really high. 

The team were eager to get started on the many disciplines of the day. Following a briefing in the morning the team began a long and emotional day. Our team were judged on their pit display, a portfolio of evidence, the car was scrutineered to see if it passed the track specifications and they also had to do a verbal presentation, explain about the engineering to the engineering judges and finally the fifteen-minute track assessment and trailer tow.


Throughout the day the boys represented our school in a fine manner. With all the effort the boys put into the car and competition it was a proud moment for them to be awarded the industry cadet silver award. This award, which is nationally recognized is the engineering equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award is highly regarded and all higher education establishments look very favourably on students who have taken the time to pass this. On top of this significant achievement each member of the team was awarded a £1000 scholarship to put towards tuition fees from Hadley University College.


Although the team did really well the completion was extremely high as you would expect. Unfortunately, on the day there were other teams who were better and they did not progress to the international finals in Abu Dhabi but in the future who knows!