Trip to Athens


As part of our GCSE course and the Latin A-Level course, the Ancient Greek students went on a trip to Athens in Greece, accompanied by Mrs Earles and Mr Anscombe.


Upon our arrival in Greece, we settled down in the lovely Achilleas hotel, and then had a taste of what the local Greek restaurants had to offer. During the trip, we tried many different Traditional Greek foods like feta cheese (what Greece is famous for), tzatziki, and souvlaki, which gave us a good ideaof what the Grecian culture has to offer.


As well as eating like the Greeks, we visited landmarks which, in Greek history, had great importance. On day 1, we travelled to the Acropolis Museum and even managed to climb up the Acropolis itself! On the way, we stopped at the Theatre of Dionysus, where plays and shows used to be held. It was a long walk but was worth it to experience the awe-inspiring view. Our next stop, was the colossal Olympic stadium, used for the 2004 Olympics, and soon after we arrived  Yaqoub and Mr Anscombe even had a race of their own. In the evening, we were lucky enough to watch the Changing of the Guards outside the Greek House of Parliament. 


On our second day there, we visited the National Archaeological Museum, where we were able to understand Greek history and culture in even more depth. Next, we journeyed down to the coast and visited the Temple of Poseidon, by the Aegean Sea. The view was absolutely breath-taking and our tour guide gave us some background knowledge about the architecture of the temple and how the Aegean Sea acquired its name. 


That night, we all retired to our rooms completely exhausted, time to rest up for our flight the next day. After experiencing real Greek culture, we students can now fully appreciate and understand the context of the Ancient Greek Literature that we are to study.


A huge thank you is given to Mrs Earles and Mr Anscombe for taking us to Athens and looking after us well. Another big thank you to Mrs Neto, without whom the trip would not have been possible. 


Hita Patel L04