Learning Support

Students with special educational needs at Sidney Stringer Academy will initially have their needs assessed by the Learning Support Team. These needs will be met in as inclusive an environment as possible. The Learning Support Team consists of a large team of support assistants and teachers, currently comprising of 34 people.

The Learning Support team is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the SEN policy. It co-ordinates the extra support and provision for students with statements as well as the provision for students at school action and school action plus.

The Learning Support team offers a range of services throughout the school, covering all departments, as well as more specialised support in the Learning Support Centre (LSC).


Our range of services offered includes:

Parent support

Staff support on SEND

Staff and parent training on SEND

Autism support

Behaviour support

Literacy support

Homework Support

KS3/KS4 Maths intervention

KS3/KS4 English intervention

Personalised learning programmes

Alternative qualifications

Support in mainstream classrooms

1-1 support in mainstream classrooms

Specialist support from an Educational Psychologist

Specialist support from a School Counselor

Specialist support from outside agencies such as speech and language


Our Aims

The overall aim of Learning Support is for each student to realise and reach his/her potential within an enriched, inclusive community. We aim to achieve this by providing an outstanding service for students which includes a wide range of strategies and a continuum of provision.


Behaviour Placements

In the Learning Support Centre we provide support for students whose behaviour is a barrier to their learning. The year 7 and 8 behaviour group is called Transform and the year 9 and 10 behaviour group is called Ignite. These names are designed to encourage our students to improve and change their behaviour.

The aim of the placement is to successfully reintegrate students into mainstream by learning from and about their own behaviour. To support this process we use a restorative approach that encourages students to reflect on how their actions affect themselves and others. Our students are also responsible for putting things right when they have been involved in any conflict or harm. This has helped our students build better relationships with others whilst also giving back to our school community.


The duration of a normal placement is 6 weeks. During this time the students access their mainstream subject material, there is no academic disadvantage to being on a behaviour placement. The first 2 weeks are spent in the Learning Support Centre and the students are then reintegrated into lessons over the remaining 4 weeks. Occasionally a stay is extended if the team believe this would prove beneficial.

For more information on our behaviour placements please contact Mrs Hickinbottom (Head of Behaviour).


Literacy Information

Many children join the Academy with reading ages and literacy levels below national expectations.  In Learning Support we know how important it is for every child to be able to express themselves and to be able to access learning materials on a daily basis.


Our package of Lexia and Accelerated Reading has proved itself to be successful with students of all age groups.  The individualised programmes are tailored to meet the needs of every student and progress of more than a year in just a few weeks is common.


We ask all our families to support their children in reading at home, especially over the holidays!



We offer 7 qualifications in the Learning Support Centre for students in year 9, 10 and 11 including:


Working with others

Problem Solving

Improving Own Learning and Performance

Certificate of Personal Effectiveness

Substance Misuse Awareness

Alcohol Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

These qualifications are designed to develop a wide range of personal qualities, as well as celebrate abilities and achievement and introduce students to new activities and challenges.

Over the year students build a portfolio of coursework which is internally moderated. There are no formal exams. Success is assessed on how well students develop the following skills: research, working with others, communication, discussion, improving own Learning and oral presentation.

For more information on our qualifications please contact Mr Takolia.

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Head of Learning Support

Mrs Hickenbottom
        02476 251756 Ex 3047

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO)

Mrs Lovick

02476 251756 Ex 3064

SENCO Assistant and Autism Support

Mrs Parkinson

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Head of Behaviour

Mr Takolia

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