Enrichment Opportunities


Personal, Social and Health Education and Citizenship


All students follow a programme of Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship which

includes a number of very important elements which are designed to help students with their studies and to help them become informed, active members of society.


Work Experience


Students wishing to study vocational courses such as nursing, dentistry, teaching, accountancy etc. at university or wishing to take up an apprenticeship, for example in childcare or engineering, are expected to have undertaken a considerable amount of work experience before applying.


In Year 12, all students are advised and helped to find themselves a work experience placement relevant to the career they wish to pursue.  In addition to this, all Year 13 students will be offered a placement to develop their employability skills and enhance their UCAS or Apprenticeship application.


Each year, students undertake a 5 day work placement opportunity which is designed to develop their transferable skills. Although students are able to select their preferred area of work, all the placement opportunities develop inter-personal skills, communication skills, time management and organisational skills as well as giving students a reality check as to the expectations of life outside the classroom. Many students are offered part time work as a result of their placement and all return to the Academy with renewed effort to their studies.


BTEC Health & Social Care and BTEC Sport (Level 3) students have work experience integrated into their programme of study.


Students who are following the One Year programme will be offered a weeks work experience placement in an area of their choice.


Young Enterprise Award


The Young Enterprise Award offers students the opportunity to work in teams to design, make and sell a product, ideally for profit. Each team member has a specific role and, therefore, a key part to play in the success of their team.


Students gain invaluable communication and presentation skills, improve their self-confidence by working with new people and learn about the world of business and enterprise.


Awards are given at local, regional and national level;  Our students are always highly successful and enjoy the experience.




Students are encouraged to give at least 1 hour per week of their time to the benefit of  the wider community. In the past, students have assisted in local primary schools, hospitals, old people’s homes,  have mentored younger students, supported reading activities and assisted in KS3 and KS4 classes .  This  has given many of our students  a valuable confidence-building experience, as well as increasing their communication skills.


Expanding Horizons


In addition to on-site activities, regular trips and events are organised for 16+ students. These include trips to conferences and lectures around the country. Residential trips are organised to The Christian Mountain Centre in Wales and Dol-y-Moch. Individual subjects also organise their own trips and activities.


Duke of Edinburgh


The Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme emphasises some of the key skills needed for success at university, in employment and in life, such as commitment, communication and problem-solving. Students must also be able to work both independently and as part of a team.


Each level of the Award, whether Bronze, Silver or Gold, requires the successful completion of four elements: Physical, Skill, Volunteering and Expedition. Participants must be prepared to commit at least 4 hours a week over a period of 6 months.


The Award is highly regarded by many employers and higher education institutions and can result in preferential treatment of applications. Students who are interested can sign up to take part at the Enrichment Fayre in September.


The 16+ Executive Leadership Group (16+ ELG)


The 16+ Executive Leadership Group comprises of students  who have put themselves forward because they want to be part of the Group. There is an elected Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and there are two sub-groups, the Charity Sub-group and the Entertainment Sub-group.

The aims of the 16+ ELG are:


1. To be a voice and an ear for all 16+ students.

2. To involve 16+ students in extra-curricular activities.

3. To arrange social events for 16+ students.

4. To encourage 16+ students to fund-raise throughout the year for local, national and overseas good causes and to be a fundamental part of the organisation of 16+ Charity Day.

5. To have a high profile within the Academy and within the local community.

6. To have a high profile presence at Academy events such as Open Evening, Options Evening etc.