Student Leadership Team

Student voice is an integral part of Sidney Stringer Academy, and the effort placed into encouraging this is phenomenal.


Meet the team:


Maria Maqsood- Head Girl

Desart Ismaili- Head Boy

Aqsa Akhtar- Deputy Head Girl

Majid Mohammed- Deputy Head Boy

Anam Shafiq

Safiyah Khan

Gobeka Ponniah 

Duaa Qazi

Humzah Bhayat 

Fatima Mohammed 

Sarah Sheikh

Farzana Akhtar 



















SLT - the student leadership team, the student voice, your voice! The SLT are a motivated group of students from Sidney Stringer Academy who are determined to provide the best possible leadership for all students, who are valued so much at the Academy. Each individual within the SLT has similar goals, but each has their own special qualities and different things they can give to the Academy.


We have a plan to try and bring together events and activities to celebrate the work of staff and students to continue to make school life exciting! This year we bring back the Mothers' Day plant sale, the Staff celebration event and not forgetting the annual Awards ceremony!

All pupils will be introduced to the new Head Girl - Elma Kazic, and Head Boy - Dimeji Merit. They will be going into assemblies to introduce themselves, and outlining their roles.

We dedicate our time to you all by doing our duties. These consist of monitoring outside areas to reading with students in lower years. You can catch us around the canopies, restaurant 71, all day cafe, library, and at reception!


As well as this, we plan to introduce, new innovative ways of bringing forward the student voice. New ideas range from holding student Q&A sessions within the theatre, more questionnaires and if you have any other ideas, why not let us know?