House Systems

There are five houses in the Academy, with each student belonging to a house. The five houses are: Da Vinci, Jaguar, Lanchester, Phoenix and Swanswell. Click on the house for more information.


Da Vinci House
Swanswell House
Jaguar House
Lanchester House
Phoenix House








Vertical Tutoring

One of the biggest changes as an Academy is the introduction of vertical tutoring. Essentially, we believe vertical tutoring promotes individual responsibility, enhances students' confidence and encourages an environment of collaboration and teamwork.

Each student is a member of one of five mixed-age Houses. Our vertical Tutoring system allows students to work together to develop tolerance, trust and emphathy. Younger students are helped, guided and inspired by older students.

Older students develop important leadership and social skills.  Mixed-age tutor groups are led by a House Head with a team of tutors / mentors who work with parents and carers.They monitor progress, provide personal support, encourage high achievement and challenge underachievement.

All teachers appointed will be expected to be a tutor. We are reducing tutor groups to 20 students and there will be two tutors in each group wherever possible.