Welcome to Lanchester House


Mrs Jefferson, Mrs Mullally, Mrs Lovett are very proud of all staff and students within Lanchester House as they have achieved the following:



·       Lanchester came second in the house league for 2015/16

·       Lanchester students’ behaviour is excellent.

·       Lanchester has an excellent team of Prefects and House Captains that are role models for the rest of the House

·       We support our students well with the AR and mentoring programme.


We would also like to say a special well done to our year 11s who achieved excellent GCSE results including


Sofia Nakabugo with 3 A*s and 9 As

Liyyah Patel with 4 A*s, 4 As and 2 Bs

Rabbiya Shazadi Sohail with 1 A*, 9 As, 2 Bs and 1 C

Hana Ali with 1 A*, 1 A, 6 Bs and 4 Cs

Kiran Shahid with 1 A*, 3 As, 4 Bs and 4 Cs


We are incredibly proud of all of these students and wish them all the best in the future.


Thank you to all Lanchester students and staff for another fantastic year!  Here’s to another great year for Lanchester House


Mrs Jefferson & Mrs Mullally - Assistant Principal & House Head



We have adopted the Cog as our House logo to represent the engineering genius, Frederick Lanchester.  The Lanchester letter ‘L’ design can be found on all Lanchester cars.


Key words and Mottos:

Our key words describe the passion and drive of Fred Lanchester and we encourage our students to encompass these words as they journey through the Academy with their learning. 


Influentialimportant, powerful, moving, significant

Profound: knowledgeable, intelligent, heartfelt, philosophical, great

Pioneering:  onewho is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress

Versatile: adaptable, resourceful, flexible, multitalented, has many different skills

Creative: Having a good imagination or making new ideas


We have 2 House mottos


Discover the blue in you’


‘Driving to success’.


One motto was chosen by our Lanchester students and the other by the Lanchester staff.  Can you guess which?

Lanchester is the House that is the best

Amazing is what we are, we never rest

Never we will rest until we reach the top

Creative, artistic we don’t win by luck

Happy we are with a smile on our face

Eager we are to win this race

Successful, brilliant we never give up

Top sellers we are in the shop

Evidently as I said we never rest

Resilient like our motto as we are Driving To Success.


Written by Abdullahi Abduwali


House Charity

In 2010/11/12 Lanchester supported the British Heart Foundation and we will continue to do so.  Over the last two academic years students and staff helped to raise over £1500 for this very worthy cause.
Winners of Deepening Learning Day (DLD) 2012 – winning the Sports and Quiz elements outright!



House Team

Assistant Principal

Mrs Jefferson


Head of House

Mrs Margaret Mullally


House Assistant

Mrs Jayne Lovett


House Motto

Lanchester has 2 mottos:

“Driving to success”
“Discover the blue in you”


Key Words

Pioneering; Versatile; Creative;
Profound and Influential.