Swanswell House


Why the Swanswell name?

The new Academy was built as part of the multi million pound Swanswell Initiative which was a once in a lifetime opportunity to regenerate a large 160 acre area of Coventry that aimed to make the area an even better place to live and work.  Within this area an excellent ‘Learning Quarter’ including the Academy, and City College are housed.  We are also proud of our name being linked to the historic Swanswell pool has been here since the 12th century and was probably first created as a medieval monastic fishpond. 


Now it is a tree lined ornamental pool with fountains and recreation space right next to the city centre where wild Swans live and of course we have adopted the Swan as our House identity.


Our House Motto…

  • Serenity – Swanswellians are all about being calm, confident and peaceful
  • Strength – In Swanswell, we encourage strength of character and the courage to be individual
  • Aspiration – We believe that through planning a pathway for your life through the setting of goals, will enable you to reach your full potential and achieve success
  • Pride – an addition to our initial motto after being the only House to win the House League Cup since the Academy opened, that’s three times the winners!  Swanswellians are very proud to be in the Purple House!

House Resolution ‘Patriotically Purple’

Punctuality                    every Swanswellian should arrive on time to start their lessons together

Up for anything             adopt a ‘can do’ attitude and be willing to represent the House in any event

Rewards                         always Be Our Best and you will receive rewards from staff in return

Polite                              Swanswellians are always polite and have very good manners

Literacy                          Swanswellians all work hard in achieving the best standard of literacy

Effort                               success is only achieved through best effort and pulling together as a team



Our proudest Achievements

1stand so far the ONLY House to win the coveted Academy House League Cup for the last seven years running.

1stStringer Challenge Student Winner, Aneesa Dedat 

1stHouse News Channel – News 1

Stringers Got Talent Winners 2010, 2014 and 2015


House Charities

Swanswell support 2 House charities The Teenage Cancer Trust and Wychbold Swan Rescue. 



House Team

Assistant Principal

Ms Claire Horobin


Head of House

Mrs McGettrick


House Assistant



House Motto

Serenity, Strength, Aspiration and Pride


Key Words

Successful  Determined Collaborative