All of our admissions are handled by the local authority.  If you would like to apply for a place at the academy then you need to contact them and details are on the Coventry City council website. Please be aware that there are currently waiting lists on every year group.


Post 16 admission criteria

The Academy operates a sixth form for a maximum of 300 students. The admission number to year 12 is 150 minus those pupils eligible to transfer from the Academy’s year 11. If the Academy is oversubscribed with those eligible to progress from its own year 11, the Academy will not admit any external applicants. When the sixth form is undersubscribed all applicants meeting the minimum entry requirements for sixth form will be admitted.


Both internal and external pupils wishing to enter the sixth form will be expected to have met the minimum academic entry requirements for the sixth form. These requirements will form part of the admission arrangements and so will be consulted upon and published in the Academy’s prospectus and in the LA’s composite admissions prospectus. In order to pursue their preferred courses both internal and external pupils will also be expected to meet the requirements for the course(s) for which they are applying. If either internal or external applicants fail to meet the minimum course requirements they will be given the option of pursuing any alternative courses for which they do meet the minimum requirements. These requirements will also be published annually in the Academy prospectus.


When there are more external applicants that satisfy any minimum course requirements, and once any statemented pupils whose statement names the Academy and which the Academy has agreed have been admitted, the oversubscription criteria will be applied.

There will be a right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel for internal pupils refused transfer and external applicants refused admission.


Operation of waiting lists

Subject to any provisions regarding waiting lists in the LA’s co-ordinated admission scheme, the Academy will operate a waiting list. Where in any year the Sidney Stringer Academy receives more applications for places than there are places available, a waiting list will operate until 31st December of the same year (e.g. for applications for entry in 2012 the waiting list will operate until 31st December 2012) . This will be maintained by the Local authority and it will be open to any parent to ask for his or her child’s name to be placed on the waiting list, following an unsuccessful application.  At the 31st December, the local authority will contact the parents advising them that their child’s name will be removed from the waiting list, unless they confirm directly with the Academy Trust that they wish for it to remain. This waiting list will then operate until the end of the school year.

Children’s position on the waiting list will be determined solely in accordance with the oversubscription criteria. Where places become vacant they will be allocated to children on the waiting list in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.


Arrangements for admitting pupils to other year groups, including to replace any pupils who have left the Sidney Stringer Academy

Subject to any provisions in the LA’s co-ordinated admission arrangements relating to applications submitted for years other than the normal year of entry, the Academy Trust will consider all such applications and if the year group applied for has a place available, admit the child unless one of the permitted reliefs apply.  If more applications are received than there are places available, the child’s name will be placed upon the waiting list.  Parents whose application is turned down shall be entitled to appeal.

Download the Draft Admission of Pupils (Annex B) Document