Careers Schedule Years 7-11 2019-20


Here at Sidney Stringer Academy we endeavour to prepare all our pupils for the world of work and life long learning from Year 7 upwards.


We are proud of our recent record of ensuring that the overwhelming majority of pupils move onto positive destinations after year 11. For a detailed analysis of this information, please click below:


 2018 Year 11 Activity                      

        2017 Year 11 Activity





From initial tutor based 1-1 mentoring in year 7, right through to formal work experience for some pupils at the end of Year 11, the academy incorporates a range of activities and experiences for pupils that enable them to reflect upon their own skills and to match these against the opportunities available post 16.


To see the current summary schedule of activities here at the academy, please click on the link below.


Careers schedule 2019-20  





For a more detailed explanation of the careers schedule please click below.


Careers Details





As we look ahead to the forthcoming academic year, all pupils will have 1-1 mentoring discussions with their tutors in the Autumn Term 2nd half,

regarding topics ranging from self awareness of strengths and interests, right through to specific careers information. All parents can access the website that will be used to support Year 11 pupils in their search for labour market information by clicking on the link below:



For a summary  of the academy's careers policy, please click on the link below. 


Careers Policy





Here at the academy we are constantly looking to improve our service regarding Careers Information and Guidance. If any parents have any comments

or questions about CIAG here at the academy, please email Mr Forde at