Careers Day

On Monday 29th January, each Year 11 experienced a mock job interview with a professional employer, with backgrounds from a range of industries. Organised on the basis of a continued partnership between Sidney Stringer Academy and Coventry and Warwickshire Training, our Year 11 pupils also had the opportunity to meet with a range of local colleges, universities and training providers in order to gain further information about the range of opportunities that exist at 16+.


Iqra Rafiq could hardly contain her enthusiasm after her interview. 'I really enjoyed the whole experience' declared Iqra after her session. 'The interviewer gave me really positive feedback about how I presented myself at interview, and I really will take all the advice on board. I feel better prepared than ever for my immediate future post 16.'


Yaqoub Imran was equally ecstatic after his interview, and was also quick to praise the local universities and providers for their input. 'It was great to gain so much information about the opportunites that exist at degree level for so many Sidney Stringer students' beamed Yaqoub. 'I feel so much more equipped in terms of applications, interviews and decisions regarding my long term career choices.'


Many thanks to Coventry and Warwickshire Training who helped us to organise the event, and we look forward to working with them next year on a similar event.


Mr Forde