Learning Support


Our Aim

Our aim is for each to student to realise and reach his/her potential as part of an enriched and inclusive academy community. We enable this to happen by providing an outstanding  service for students which includes a wide range of support and structured provision. 


Our Team

Students with special educational needs will have their needs assessed by the Learning Support Team. This team currently comprises of 36 staff including the Head of Learning Support, ASD Lead, SENCO, Learning Support Assistants, SEND Teachers, SEND Head of Behaviour, Translators and an Educational Psychologist.


A plan is then put in place in liaison with outside agencies, parents and student to ensure that each student is able to access the curriculum. We offer a wide range of whole academy support as well as more specialist support in the Learning Support Centre (LSC).


Examples of Support

Autism Support

Behaviour Support

Literacy Support

Speech and Language Support

Memory Support

Staff Training

Parent Training

Homework Support

Parent Coffee Mornings

Personalised Learning Programmes

Support in Mainstream Lessons

1:1 Mainstream Support

Mainstream Intervention Groups

Accelerated Reading

Specialist Support from a School Counsellor

Specialist support from an Educational Psychologist

EAL Support


Behaviour Support

LSC offers a placement for students whose behaviour is a barrier to their learning. This is an early intervention which mainly targets, but is not exclusive to, KS3 students. Students are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour and are supported to implement strategies which are shared with parents and mainstream staff.


The aim of the placement is to successfully integrate students back into mainstream by learning from and about their own behaviour. To support this process we use a social skills course and a restorative approach that encourages students to reflect on how their actions affect themselves and others. Our students are also responsible for putting things right when they have been involved in any conflict or harm.


The duration of a normal placement is six weeks. During this time, the students access their mainstream subject material. The first two weeks are spent in LSC and the students are then reintegrated back into lessons over the remaining four weeks.


Literacy Support

Many students join the academy with reading ages and literacy levels below national expectations. In LSC, we know how important it is for every child to be able to express themselves and to be able to access learning materials on a daily basis.


Our Accelerated Reading and Reading for Meaning programme has proved itself to be successful with students of all age groups. Programmes run half termly and are tailored to meet the needs of the students requiring this additional support. In addition to this, a Fresh start Phonics programme is run for a small group of Year 7 students during their English lessons.


We ask all our families to support with their children reading at home, especially over the holidays.


Alternative Curriculum

In order to ensure that some students are able to achieve their targets and future ambitions, we also offer an alternative curriculum in LSC. Identified students have a personalised timetable where they access additional English, Maths or Science lessons as well as catch up support for Option subjects.  

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