Parent Information



16+ Attendance Procedure


Absences and lateness must be covered by a telephone call by parent/guardian to the 16+ Office by 9.00 am on the first day of absence. (Telephone Number 02476251756 Ext. 3062/3063).

Absence must be covered by a note immediately on return to school.  Failure to do so will result in the absence being marked as unauthorised, which will be unacceptable by the Academy.  Persistent absence from school or lessons will result in an attendance meeting to discuss the student’s suitability for 16+. Absences which are considered to be unacceptable are; holidays during term time,  birthdays or similar celebrations, babysitting, waiting for the post, plumber, decorator etc. to arrive, routine medical and dental appointments, missing a lesson in order to complete un-finished work, part-time work which does not constitute part of a student’s course. 


Absences known in Advance


You must inform your tutor, subject teacher and the 16+ office prior to any events which are listed below: e.g. Hospital/Orthodontist/GP appointments, Interviews, University Open Days, Driving Tests, Career Appointments, Student Leadership Official Business, Study Leave etc.

Where possible appointments should be made outside of Academy hours.




Holidays must not be arranged in term-time and these will not be authorised. 




Being punctual to school and lessons is an expectation that we have of all of our 16+ students. All students should arrive to school and lessons on time, with all of the equipment they need and any homework/coursework that has been set by the subject teacher. If a 16+ student is late to school they will be expected to complete a 20 minute “whole school detention” at break time and an additional 1 hour detention after school in 16+. Persistent lateness will result in a meeting with parents.


16+ Dress Code


16+ students will need to dress smartly. This means that students will wear the following: 




·         Skirt/Suit

·         Trousers/Suit 

·         Smart jacket, jumper or cardigan

·         Shirt or blouse

·         Dress

·         Smart shoes (no trainers)

·         Smart cultural dress/headwear 




·         Smart jacket

·         Shirt and tie

·         Trousers/Suit

·         Smart shoes (no trainers)

·         Smart cultural dress/headwear


On identified Fridays throughout the year, students are allowed to “dress down” to school days for Charity. We would hope that everyone would participate in this and the cost is £1 per day. Students will be informed in advance of these occasions. 


Private Study Time


The proper use of private study time is an important feature of 16+ life. All students entering Year 12 will have private study lessons on their timetable. It is often difficult initially to use this time productively and so each student will need to plan properly so that written/practical work or reading can be undertaken during these periods. These are NOT free periods and should NOT be regarded as social occasions. Students are asked to respect others who are working quietly.  

Tutors and subject teachers are happy to advise students as to how best to use this time.


It should always be remembered:


·         That the best results are invariably gained by students who have acquired the ability to work independently.

·         That a minimum requirement of at least SEVEN hours outside of lessons is needed for every A level/BTEC subject being studied and around TEN hours for level two courses.

·         Re-sits English and Maths subjects need to be given at least TWO hours study time each per week outside of lessons. 


16+ Quiet Study Area Work Ethos


Please come to this area knowing what you want to achieve. Out of respect to other students, there should be no talking otherwise students will be asked to leave the area. A phone call will be made home and persistent offenders may be given a one hour detention. 


Financial Support - 16-18 Bursary Fund


This fund has been introduced by the Government for some students from low income families to get assistance towards the costs of transport, books, trips, meals etc. Forms must be completed fully and the required documents must accompany your application.  Proof of free school meals, household income (or income-based benefits) etc. will be required. Payments are made half-termly direct from the school to the student’s own personal bank account and are dependent on good attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress.


Directed Study/Study Leave


To ensure that their study time is focused and productive, Year 12 students will have 3 compulsory lessons of Directed Study which will take place in the post 16 area or a designated room. These will be indicated on their timetables and students will be supervised by 16+ staff and have access to computers.

So long as they do not have any lessons, Year 12 students will have study leave on a Tuesday morning. However they must be in school for tutor time at 10.45.

Year 13 students will be eligible for Study Leave dependent on performance, attitude to learning and their overall attendance and behaviour.