Post 18 Options


At Sidney Stringer Academy we want students to pursue the

best destination they can. At post 18 student will enter a
university course (UCAS), an apprenticeship or full time
Each pathway must be considered carefully by students to
ensure that they make the choice best for them. We begin to
look at post 18 options during the end of the year 12. Here
students are given an introduction to each pathway through
tutorial time and then this is further developed through PSHE
through year 13.
Students will receive advice and guidance through both
pathways. Below you can find a summary of the information
about each pathway.
This is becoming an increasingly popular route for our students.
Apprenticeships allow students to combine work and study by
mixing on-the-job training with classroom learning. Recently
Degree apprenticeships have been introduced where student
can attain university degrees alongside employment. This year
our year 13 students had a talk from Aston University on this
What is UCAS?
UCAS stands for the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service and it is the
organisation responsible for managing applications to higher education. Applications
reach the universities through UCAS. 
How is the process managed?
UCAS is an online service and is easy to use. Students must follow these steps: 
(i)           Visit
(ii)          Follow the links to the information on applications and complete the
online requisition
(iii)         After registering, UCAS will provide a USERNAME and students must
then choose a PASSWORD. These will be needed to complete the application
process and to track progress.
(iv)         You will also need the academy’s BUZZWORD to complete the
application process. This will be provided by the 16+ office.
(v)          The application form consists of several parts and must be completed
accurately and in full
(vi)         Students must also complete a personal statement of 4,000
characters and this, together with the application form, must be sent to your
REFEREE who is Mr Martin. Students must also pay for their application at this
point. (In 2018-2019, this was £24)
(vii)       Your referee will attach a tutor reference and will then submit your
application to UCAS on your behalf. 
Once submitted, UCAS will acknowledge your application and will provide you with an
application number. You will need this when checking on the progress of your
How to make the right choice of University
University education is expensive and so it is important that students make the best
choice of course at the most suitable university. To do this, students should attend Open
Days, Master Classes and conduct detailed research.
We offer students lots of opportunities to pursue these, please see the opportunities tab
for more information.