Enrichment and G+T

We offer a wide spectrum of choices, students can take part in sporting activities; learn to play an instrument, complete the Duke of Edinburgh challenge, and much more.


Why not look through the enrichment timetable (right) to see what appeals to you?


G&T at Sidney Stringer Academy


Over the last year some great G & T events have taken place:


  • World class status

  • HPA support programs – Brilliant Club, Student Progression Team, Scholars programme

  • Nottingham University day

  • Warwick University – preparing for University day

  • Warwick University getting parents involved weekend

  • Deployment of LSA with G+T responsibility

  • Curriculum support – Big Quiz

  • TED talks weekly on our WOW wall

  • Philharmonic orchestra visit

  • RSC Romeo and Juliet acting/performances

  • KS3 focus on challenge through SOL

  • Talk the Talk public speaking

  • KS3 specific meetings – competitions, stories, projects, Engineering

  • Youth speaks

  • Banking and finance pathways, pathways to law, pathways to medicine Easter schools y10/11